How to Use a Vapor Pen-Full guide

If you have been considering trying out an electronic cigarette, it might be useful to know some basic information on how to use a vapor pen. These products have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They work in very different ways than cigarettes and are a great alternative if you are worried about health issues associated with smoking.

Both vapes and concentrates both come in easy to use cartridges, discreet, portable devices, and most come with rechargeable batteries, but they have major differences in how users actually consume their vapor product.

The biggest difference is that oil vapor pens are usually designed only to populate liquid oil, while wax pens are designed only to vaporize waxes.

Both vapes and concentrates have their advantages, though vapes often seem to work better because they tend to concentrate the active ingredients on one side of the vaporizer, rather than the other. This is because a vaporizer is essentially a container or chamber that heats up the active ingredient, which then condenses onto the inside of the vaporizer, creating mist.

As the temperature of the mist rises, the active ingredient is released through the vapors. This results in the same amount of flavor, as well as a smoother delivery. In contrast, most concentrates contain multiple active ingredients that are heated up at the same time, resulting in a much more potent, long-lasting spray that produces a cloud-like effect.

As with any electronic gadget, knowing how to use a vape pen can be straight-forward.

how to use a vape pen
how to use a vape pen

However, the basics are quite simple. To use an oil vaporizer, all you need is an empty cartridge or jar, an electronic device such as a computer or tablet, an oil extractor (if you plan to use extracts), an electronic charger, and some water. The instructions will generally be provided with the product, so read through them carefully before you begin to use the device.

One of the things you should take into account when using an oil vaporizer is that the water level must always be kept in contact with the device, or the vapors will not be evenly dispersed. To do this, you simply pour the water into the extractor while turning it on and leaving it to warm up until it’s full. Once the water is hot enough, turn off the device. and wait until the water has cooled down again. Now you’re ready to draw from the extract the oil.

For wax pens, all you need to do is set up a filter that must be placed in front of the pen in order for it to work correctly. This will ensure that the material you use is filtered, so you don’t waste your time by pulling the filter out and placing the wax directly into the filter again. You’ll need an empty or partially used cartridge, which you’ll filter with water.

Next, put the oil in the filter in order to create a moist environment that allows you to extract your dry herb. Then you simply place the wick in the cartridge, twist it, and begin smoking. The wick should be pushed against the filter to draw the oil into the center of the coil while it gets warmed up.

At first, the oil will be very thin, so it is a good idea to leave the wick in place until the oil becomes thick enough to stay in place.

After the wick stays lit, the vapor will continue to rise into the reservoir, where you will then take out the remaining oil from the cartridge and refill it with your new oil. It is important to keep the wick in place at all times, as otherwise the vapor can get blown around if the wick gets knocked loose.