Learning the Water Pipe (a guide)

Water pipe smoking is commonly known as smoking using a bong. It is a filtration device often used for smoking herbal substances like cannabis or tobacco. In this article, we will look at some facts about water pipes and determine if it is an option for you or not.


How it works


Smoking using the water pipe sounds like it’s complex but it just looks like as if you are playing with some laboratory-like devices. Water pipes or bongs are often made of glass or plastic that uses a bowl, stem and water to create smoke. So first the bowl is packed and water should be inserted into the bong. You then light the substance and the smoke is drawn through water to create a much smoother smoking experience. You then should inhale in the bong when bubbles containing smoke begins to appear. Water pipes are popular amongst weed users.


The most common materials are known to be glass, plastic, ceramic and metal and bamboo.


Different Kinds of Smoking Devices and Bongs


If you are looking at other ways to enjoy weed, there are other devices that people use such as the chilum, dry pipes, vaporizers or spoons, beaker bongs, straight tubes and steamless bongs. There are a lot of varieties if you look at water pipes for sale. Here, let’s look further at the different varieties of water pipes or bongs.


Beaker bongs has a broader shape and it helps in providing a more stable base which can contain more water unlike the conventional straight tube bong. The additional water allocation allows the user to regulate the level of filtration and the drag resistance during inhalation. It is often used with a removable stem and a concentrated bowl piece. They are also easy to clean.


Percolator bongs come in different varieties. This kind of bong allows the smoke to be properly filtered and be cooled down before inhaling. The percolator makes the smoke to bubble through the water thus enhances the bubble effect. Percolators can settle in their own chambers or be placed at the bottom. It also makes intake far easier and sage because percolators are designed to contain another layer of smoke filtration. It is more expensive than standard water pipes.


Thick glass bongs are known to be the most hygienic of all the kinds of bongs. This is because they are easy to clean. Thick glass bongs are also known to produce smooth drags and contains a good variety of concentrates. It is common advise that before buying a glass bong, one must put thickness into careful consideration. The average thickness of glass could range from 3mm-12mm.


Meanwhile, a multi-chamber bong, or otherwise known as a recycler bong has two chambers connected by a third one. The lower and upper chamber holds the so the smoke is being filtered twice. This creates a much cooler and smoother smoke than other kinds of bongs could provide.It is a bit pricey and a bit more challenging to clean.


For a lot of people, pipe smoking is another way to elevate the marijuana experience although there are some other methods such as using portable vaporizers. In the end, it is up to you to find which method you find yourself more comfortable in. There have been indicated health risks. At the end of the day, what matters is you do what you enjoy with the safest method possible. Water pipes had been around for centuries and has been known to have more detrimental effects than other methods. In today’s market, there is a variety of devices you can use to enjoy your herbs such as dry herb vapes or herbal vaporizers. There are more options you can discover when you opt to buy vaporizers online.