Switching to Dry Herb Vaporizers (Full Guide)

With today’s rapid technological advances, there is now more than one way to enjoy smoking dry herbs such as cannabis. There are those who enjoy using dry herb vaporizers or dry herb vape pens while there are those who still enjoy the traditional pipe and those who use the water pipes of bongs. In this article, we will focus on dry herb vaporizers.


Getting to Know the Dry Herb Vaporizer


First of all, let’s know what a dry herb vaporizer is. It is a device that is used to smoke dry herbs, unlike the common vape that uses juice. Of course, they are known to be highly convenient. Most of the dry herb vaporizers are portable which means it is easier to enjoy cannabis.


Dry herb vaporizers are known to operate by either convection or conduction. This means that no combustion is employed in the process of enjoying marijuana. Combustion triggers harmful chemicals while smoking that’s why dry herb vaporizers are seen as a much safer option. Also, dry herb vaporizers are known to offer a much fuller flavor than traditional smoking. So for those who are looking forward to experiencing the much richer flavor of their herb of choice, the dry herb vaporizer is a good choice.


Dry Herbs Vaporizers vs. Other Forms of Smoking


Now, let’s compare dry herb vaporizers with different smoking methods. Let’s look at the difference between vaping dry herbs and vaping oil. The first difference is temperature. Vaping oil needs a much higher temperature than dry herbs therefore it takes more time.


In terms of maintenance, dry herb vaporizer pens require less maintenance than vape pens that use oil. This is because there are no extra residues from dry herbs and dry herbs can easily be cleaned off by running the device into the water which wouldn’t work with vaping oil.


Now let’s look at atomizers. Atomizers contain a heating element that used to generate vapor. Atomizers is a popular device amongst those who are trying to quit smoking. Atomizers and dry herb vaporizers have some similarities. First, both devices are highly portable and can be operated by just a single button. Atomizers may be a bit trickier to use since it takes a little care to fill the device with juice. Meanwhile, with dry herb vaporizers, there’s no much hassle since you can just pick up your herbs. And also, dry herb vaporizers can be used with other herbs like sage, peppermint, and green tea. Using these herbs offers some medicinal benefits. Atomizers, on the other hand, are just designed as an alternative to smoking. Most juices still contain nicotine.


The traditional and most common way to enjoy cannabis is to roll up and smoke a joint. When compared to dry herb vaporizers, joints are simple and do not require any form of technology. However, herbal vaporizer pens are a lot more discreet because of its portability. Also, the main advantage of using dry herb vaporizers than smoking with joints is that dry herb vaporizers do not require combustion. This makes dry herb vaporizers a much healthier option because the combustion is known to trigger more harmful chemicals and reduce the THC content of cannabis which makes the effect reduced.


The same argument can be taken with the pipe. Smoking with a pipe is still operated by combustion hence it still triggers more harmful chemicals. This makes dry herb vaporizers a much better and safer option for those who want to enjoy herbs such as marijuana either for medical or recreational use.


Before you decide to buy a vaporizer online, it’s advisable to take a look at the different devices first and see what is suitable for you.