What are edibles?

The edibles are cannabis-infused food products. The growing popularity of cannabis is encouraging innovative ways of cannabis consumption.

By letting their imaginations wander, cannabis enthusiasts are discovering mix and match food items with unusual tastes. As a result, food products with unique flavors and a myriad of marijuana benefits are emerging in the cannabis consumption landscape.

Cannabis-infused eatables such as chocolate, candy, cookies, drinks, brownies, snacks, spreads, etc. are reshaping the way weed is consumed and experienced.

Combing weed extracts with other food items, consumers experience delightful flavors with a different kind of narcotic effect.

Most of the edibles contain THC, a psychoactive compound known for its soothing and pain-relieving attributes. However, edibles are not exclusively made of THC, CBD – another cannabinoid famous for its therapeutic effects – can also be the part of marijuana edibles.  

Given the distinctive characteristics of THC and CBD, whether an individual chooses THC or CBD edibles, come down to his/her personal preferences and needs.

Why prefer edibles over smoking?

Edibles offer an alternative way of CBD consumption to people who do not appreciate smoking cannabinoids. People who are tired of cough and sore throat, edibles provide a convenient and discrete way of cannabis intake.

Going beyond, there is a range of other benefits as well that oral consumption provides over smoking.

  • Smoking may exert a harmful impact on your lungs while consuming edibles does not leave any harmful effect on the lungs. 
  • Smoking causes reduced saliva inflow to the mouth resulting in dry mouth. It may cause bad breath, tooth decay, and gum diseases. 
  • Edible consumption does not produce a bad smell and second-hand smoke associated with smoking.  
  • Edibles provide a discrete way of CBD consumption without being noticed by others. Edibles don’t emit an odor; therefore, it provides a great way to benefit from the therapeutic benefits of CBD especially when you need to take it at work.  


 How long edibles to take effect?

Edibles pass through the digestive tract before entering the bloodstream. Therefore, it takes them time to leave any effect on the body. Sometimes, individuals feel it tempting to take another dose soon after their first one. To avoid overdosing, cannabis enthusiasts need to wait for another 24-hours before their next intake.

Edible forms

The great demand for CBD products has made edibles hot selling products. Edible manufacturers are crafting a variety of products to be consumed as candies, teas, and mints.

Edible candies

One of the most popular forms of edible consumption is edible candies. Coming in a range of flavors, candies can be used as chocolate, gummies, or mints. A few candies offer a hint of CBD after-taste while others completely mask the cannabinoid’s original savor giving you a delightful flavor.

Edible teas

For people who like to start or end their day with a sip of the warm and calming beverage, cannabis teas offer a perfect option to do so. A cup of cannabis tea full of energy and taste can be prepared by dropping down a cannabis bag in the warm water, just like the traditional tea.  The delicious drink delivers pain relief as well as lifts your mood.

CBD minty mints

CBD minty mints provide an exceptional method of CBD intake. With mints quickly dissolve in the mouth, ingested CBD quickly finds its way to the bloodstream. CBD minty mints extend a quick and discrete way of CBD consumption.