Vaporizers vs Pipes

When it comes to dry herbs, people have different ways in which they enjoy them. There are different inhalation methods of dry herbs. Some of these vaping manners include rollies, vapes, and pipes.

However, vaporizers and pipes are two very popular methods. In the same sense, the two devices are a little bit alike but different.

Let’s make a comparison between these two methods. You should find which is right for you in this guide. They both have unique features, pros and cons.



vaporizer vs pipe
vaporizer vs pipe

This device allows users to enjoy dry herbs uniquely. Unlike the other model, this device has a heating system. The heating element allows you to control the temperature. The vapor released is easily controlled to thick or thin. Also, the device is a stylish and classy healthy way to enjoy dry herbs.

The vaping trend is gradually becoming popular. At the same time, this technique has been existing for thousands of years. Vapes have been modernized with current technology now.

The components

It has two common types: portable vaporizers or desktop vaporizers, depending on your preference. The vaping process generally comprises of:

  • Herbs: Quality dry herbs like cannabis are needed. It shouldn’t be sticky to ensure proper vaping.
  • Grinder: This grounds the herbs to a very smooth texture. It is necessary for increasing the surface area.
  • Batteries: The device is electrically powered. Batteries must be recharged before use.
  • Heating system: To regulate temperature, you can decide to set your device to a temperature pleasing you.

How do vaporizers work?

Vapes do not combust herbs. The herbs are heated instead to create steam. Desktop vapes are larger and not easy to move around. These models aren’t ideal for campers or outdoor lovers. Portable vapes, on the other hand, can be carried around. It also fits the hand easily.

On switching to dry herb vapes, ensure you thoroughly dry the herbs before use. After drying, you need to ground it to a fine texture. A fine texture herb does not only allow the hot air to move freely, but it also ensures that the molecules are visible. The device works better when air passes through the herbs equally.

Dry herbs used are usually fluffy for better flavor and potency. Unlike other devices, dry herb vaporizers extract active substances for a better smoking experience. However, you need to bother about the temperature. Nevertheless, you can always control the temperature to the level of your choice.


vape pipe
vape pipe

The use of pipes can also be dated back to many years ago. It is also an efficient way to enjoy herbs. This material works on the principle of combustion. People who prefer to smoke should go for it.

Also, it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Like vaporizers, pipes also require maintenance. Cleaning is necessary after every use. This prevents leftover weed from sticking to the chamber.

Native Americans were the first set of people to cultivate the pipe-smoking habit. Many users often smoke tobacco using the pipe vaporizer. Most pipes are made from materials like ceramic, glass, gourd, wood, and clay.

The Components

Herbs are often available in a bowl inside the pipe. A stem connects the bowl to the mouthpiece. Most pipes have filters. Water pipes comprise a body filled with water, a tube, and a mouthpiece through which the pipe is smoked. It is the oldest form of smoking.

How do pipes work?

A pipe helps to cool your smoke when you take a hit. It is designed with an airpath which allows air to circulate up with every hit. Hot smoke has been proven to be harmful to the lungs. This is why the cooling effect of pipes is great. Dry herb users who consider cooling their smoke use pipes for this reason.

Moreover, it is an efficient way to enjoy herbs. The cleaning and packing process are easy. Pipes work on the principle of combustion. The herbs are burnt.

The dry herbs are loaded into the pipe to use a pipe and lighted up with a match. Flavors produced are not as good as the ones from vapes. The great part about using pipes is you don’t need to worry about batteries. You can smoke at your convenience.

Types of pipes

  • Water pipes: The smoke is bubbled through water to cool and wash the smoke.
  • Spoon pipes: This is quite common among cannabis users. It consists of a bowl for the herb, inhaling stem, and a carburetor that controls airflow into the pipe.

Nevertheless, spoon pipes are used in two steps:

  • The user inhales while lighting the material. Then holds down the carb so that that smoke can fill the stem.
  • The carburetor is released for air to enter the stem, and smoke goes through the user’s mouth.

The Major Difference

Vapes do not burn herbs. The herbs are ground instead and heated in a chamber. Vaping temperature is lesser than a smoking pipe, so vapes are inhaled and not smoked.

However, using a pipe burns the herbs to ash that can be harmful to the lungs and respiratory system. Therefore, many consider vaporizers to be more efficient than smoking pipes.

Vaporizers or Pipes?

vaporgenie vape pipe
vaporgenie vape pipe

So, it is high time you choose between which vaping method offers 100% smoking satisfaction. You would have no challenges choosing between these two. We have some significant factors and features you should consider. How about we check out these conditions?


One of the most important factors to consider is the price. You don’t have to break your bank before enjoying a better smoking experience. However, vaporizer and pipe prices differ. Generally, dry herb vaporizers are luxury vaping devices. They are more of an investment rather than for fun. So, you should be ready to pay more for them.

On the other hand, pipe vaporizers often come at an affordable rate. These models are ideal for users who want a budget-friendly vaping tool. Therefore, the model you pick depends on your budget.


Both dry herb vaporizers and pipe vaporizers have attractive and sleek designs. However, many users consider the design of vaporizers more elegant than the pipe. As a matter of fact, pipes have a traditional look. If you need a vape pen that completes your outfit’s look, you would love to have dry herb vaporizers.

What’s more? Both devices are portable. You would have no difficulties carrying them around.


Another important factor to consider is the operating system. Unlike pipe vaporizers, dry herb devices are simple to operate. You only need to push the heating button to smoke. On the other hand, pipe vaporizers need a lighter to work.

Wrap up!

In all, the vaping device you want depends on your smoking style as well as budget. Nevertheless, we have dry herb and pipe vaporizers of different varieties in our store. Irrespective of your choice, we have the best vape tool for you!