Weed Portable Vaporizers

Weed is still illegal in most states, but that hasn’t stopped the rise of portable vaporizers. The market for these devices has been on the rise lately with a “flood” of new products coming into it. Some boast crazy features like Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi, while others are sleek, discreet and subtle.

The latest models have premium quality construction, and the whole product is designed to appeal to aficionados of high-end, luxury weed vaporizers who have been using the traditional design for years.

They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some are small enough to be stored inside a wallet, while others are large enough to make a statement when you step out on the town wearing your favorite pair of jeans. We are talking about dry herb vaporizers, pipe vaporizers, pen vaporizers, bong vaporizers, among others!


How to Use a Portable Vaporizer?

portable vaporizer Airvape X
portable vaporizer Airvape X

The first rule of thumb is to take your time. Don’t rush the learning process. The design has been refined over decades, and any rookie can learn how to use a portable weed vaporizer in an hour or so.

If you’re having trouble getting started, there’s no shame in calling your local vape shop for advice. A good vaporizer specialist will usually go through the process with you and show you some tricks along the way.

When using a portable weed vaporizer, it’s crucial to know how long to heat your device for every session. Keep a timer nearby so that you don’t burn yourself. The perfect temperature is one that is on the verge of combustion.

When the device gets too hot, it’s a good idea to turn it off for a few seconds and then continue using it. The entire process may take five or more minutes, but that will change depending on how much weed you are using and the quality of your weed material.

You should also consider how easy it is to clean your portable weed vaporizer. You don’t want to spend all that time vaporizing only to realize later that your device is as difficult to clean as it is hard to use.

Another important aspect of using a portable weed vaporizer is the overall design. There’s no point in buying a device that’s difficult to carry and operate. Most consumers will prefer a product that looks and feels high-end but won’t break the bank. The ideal portable weed vaporizer can be both affordable and durable while still being more reliable than any other option in its class.


Vape Pipes

pipe vaporizer hippie pipe
pipe vaporizer hippie pipe

One type of portable vaporizer that deserves our attention are vape pipes. Pipes are different from classic dry herb vaporizers but simple to operate, charming and traditional, they stand out from other portable vaporizers easily.

It’s important to note that there are different kinds of weed pipe vapes available to consumers today. But there are a few standard models that stick out above the rest. Have you heard about VaporGenie vape pipe?


VaporGenie Stealth


While this is not technically a new product, it’s definitely one of the newer portable vaporizers on the market. The first Stealth vaporizer was released in 2015 but has been improved upon since then and is now more powerful than ever before.

The original Stealth was not a discreet portable vaporizer by any means. But the improved second-generation model is easier to transport and fits in your pocket with ease.

This is one of the most affordable portable weed vaporizers around, so it’s perfect for beginners and veterans alike.


VaporGenie Stealth Kit

The kit comes with a drawstring bag, battery charger and pipe cleaners so that you can keep your vape clean and hygienic at all times. The stealth vaporizers are very durable and are made from medical grade materials which make them perfect for use at home or on the go.

This is one of the best portable weed vaporizers for beginners because it comes with a manual that explains how to use the device correctly without wasting any marijuana material. It also has a powerful battery that can be recharged hundreds of times.

With the latest upgrade, the stealth vaporizer is drawing more and more attention as one of the industry’s best portable weed vaporizers.

One of the biggest challenges faced by newcomers to vaping in general, let alone using a portable vaporizer for weed, is learning how to operate it properly. The two main components of any device are usually the mouthpiece and a rechargeable battery.

There’s also a chamber where you place your dried herb or tobacco along with a heating element that brings everything up to temperature.


So, what do you prefer, vaporizers or pipes as portable devices? Happy vaping!