Why and when to use a vape bong?

It might seem like a long, tedious process trying to comprehend when you should vaporize your herb versus vape it. This often causes we smokers to just turn on our vaporizer, inhale the carcinogens and have no idea when we should be hitting our bong with a water pipe.

Well now there is an easy solution! Just because the vape bong looks weird doesn’t mean that it’s any less effective than any other piece of paraphernalia! It finishes in seconds compared to having to wait for an hour or more with your vaporizer.

If you’re not convinced yet just imagine this scenario: You’ve been smoking for hours but still haven’t reached the level of euphoria for which you were hoping. You try to put in a fresh herb only to remember that you never brought your bong to the party. Never fear! You can pick up another joint and in no time, you’ve been vaping your herb and enjoying the taste of a freshly ground hit! Simply put, use the vape bong when you need instant relief from a poor smoking session.


The Vape Bong was invented primarily to satisfy those of us who have too much weed at our parties.

vape bong
vape bong

This device was specifically designed for individuals who have guests over without their own stash or are going out to multiple parties where there is not enough marijuana for everyone. The vape bong was not designed for you to use it for 5 days straight! Although it might seem like a good choice, overuse will result in an extremely harsh hit that will probably put off even the most experienced smoker. As always, remember, moderation is key!

The vape bong is the most effective method of smoking marijuana. Our lungs are much like a sponge and they soak up all kinds of carcinogens when we touch a lighter to our herb. When you use a vaporizer, these carcinogens aren’t present, and your lungs feel refreshed.

If you’re wondering how much weed to pack into the vape bong, then there’s no easy answer. The amount of weed you pack into the vape bong depends on your tolerance level. For the most part, if you’re new to smoking then you should only use a small amount of marijuana. The larger hits that come from the vape bong are not for novices! Just remember, it all depends on how long and hard you have been hitting.

You might think that vaporizing is more expensive than smoking but when it comes to overall health benefits, vaporizing is much less expensive than using a traditional joint. The vape bong has many benefits especially for those who are over sixty years old and having trouble with their lungs and other parts of their body.


Why to use the vape bong?


Saying no to chemicals

When you smoke weed, you are coughing up all kinds of chemicals that are in the air. This can be very damaging, especially if you have a weak immune system and your lungs. Sometimes you might notice that your throat gets really sore after you smoke weed and this is because of the chemical content.

Vaporizing doesn’t give off any of these chemicals because there isn’t any combustion happening so the carcinogens aren’t present. When you couple this with the fact that there are no ashes or smoke, by switching to vaping you truly are getting the most out of your herb.


Cavity prevention

When you smoke weed, it can seep into your teeth and discolor them, especially if you aren’t using a water pipe. That is why it is best to use a vaporizer because it doesn’t give off any harmful chemicals that will cause damage. The hit might not be as potent, but you won’t have to worry about how much gum and toothpaste you’re going to have to buy the next time you go shopping!


Environmental benefits

You can leave a big vapor cloud standing in the air for hours. Many people have told us that their friends were too afraid to inhale because they thought it was going to rain and ruin their clothing. They were surprised when we told them it was completely safe, all they needed to do was open a window. Cannabis clouds don’t get carried away on the wind and just float in the air where there is an abundance of oxygen.

You can also use your vaporizer at home if there is no ventilation system installed. Many people have gotten into a lot of trouble with their landlords when they were caught smoking weed. If you’re a stoner living in an apartment building, then it’s best not to smoke too much cannabis or your neighbors will start hating you!

The pros and cons

pros and cons of using a vape bong
pros and cons of a vape bong

This convenience makes vaporizer technology easy to use and provides an alternative to smoking that can be healthy for your lungs. This method of smoking definitely gives you a woody feeling when you take a hit, but it doesn’t give you mind-blowing high like smoking out of a bong would. Think of it as a steady smoking experience that won’t give you that instant head rush but will eventually send you to the moon.

However, this is also a downside of vaping because people who are looking for the most powerful high may not be satisfied with this method. It’s also harder to share vaporizers than it is to share a bong or joint. However, using your own vaporizer can help you save money and avoid letting ash get in your mouth and lungs when smoking with friends and family.

Vaporizers are one of the newer technologies that are being used today to help people enjoy marijuana without exposing them to harsh smoke. These vaporizers create a smokeless experience and leave the user feeling uplifted and energetic. However, if you are trying to find ways to get high, there are better options than using a vaporizer.