Where to get pipes for weed?

You’re a stoner, and you need pipes. Where do you get them?

If you need to find an area pipe supplier for your smoking needs, it’s best to contact the local marijuana dispensary. They should be able to recommend a few reputable areas that are nearby. Most are willing to purchase pipes for their customers, guaranteed, and it’s only a matter of finding them. It’s also not a difficult task. After all, most head shops and marijuana drug stores have an abundance of pipes to offer. However, if you’re looking for assorted brands and high-quality materials, then you should look further up the chain.

Smaller shops tend to carry regular cheap pipes that are made from cheap plastic materials. These materials can be dangerous if not handled properly. They’re easy to break, snap or even crack when rinsed in the dishwasher after smoking out of them too much or even more than once before taking them apart and washing them properly.

If you’re looking for some serious pipes with a more durable quality or even if you are switching to vaping with your pipe, then it’s time to step up your game. Research the market and the competition in your local area for what’s best. It is not easy to find as there are hundreds of different pipes for sale on the market, but it’s worth your time and effort if you have a strong preference for one brand or pipe style.


Metal Pipe’s

metal pipe
metal pipe

Look at the type of metal used on various brands. Metal is a good material because it’s durable and can be easily cleaned with basic cleaning products such as dish soap without ruining them. They also don’t react to heat, which makes them great for metal pipes because you can burn a straight line on the side of the pipe.

Metal is also better than glass because it doesn’t break as easily. Glass is easy to crack and even easier to break while cleaning. They are also not dishwasher safe and shouldn’t be washed in hot or even warm water either. With metal pipes, you have a better chance of getting a quality product that will last for years.


So where do you get these high-quality pipes?

You should take your time but don’t hesitate to ask around and look online or in local marijuana dispensaries about different brands and materials used for various pipes on the market today.


1. Check out the tumblers at your local head shop

The first time you buy a pipe from a head shop, it’s going to be made of plastic. This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing. Plastic is easy and cheap to make. It’s also lightweight in bags or boxes so the product feels lighter than other pipes that use heavier materials such as glass or metal.

It doesn’t take long for them to become heavy and awkward once you have five or six pipes filled with marijuana inside them because they’re all designed like the same size, and they’re all the same shape.


2. Find a friend who has a particular pipe brand:

So just as in anything else, you should appreciate what you already have and avoid buying another similar product unless you really like it. Go for something unique with a unique design or material.

Ask around and see if anyone has a specific brand that they like. There are hundreds of assorted brands on the market, but few are made just as well as pipes that cost more money and have better materials. When asking around, if it’s something you genuinely want, don’t hesitate to ask someone who already has the pipe of choice for their own high-quality smoking needs.


3. Create a website and put out your own smoke review:

Create a website with the best information about the different pipes on the market today. You can include reviews of pipes, accessories, and anything else you find helpful when purchasing smoking goods.

This way, you’ll have an online connection for anyone who is interested in smoking out of metal or glass pipes and have everything they need explained to them in great detail. It’s a good idea to also include pictures of these pipes so they can see the difference between an affordable cheap pipe made from plastic vs one that is better made from metal or glass as well as clean up instructions for how to take apart the actual pipe itself and how to clean it after every single use.


Are cheap weed pipes good?

woden pipe
woden pipe

There are great pipes that are made from cheap materials. They’re easy to flip if you ever want to resell them and most smokers already have a few cheap pipes around. They do the job, even if they are not particularly durable or better than other pipes.


Are expensive pipes good?

pipe vaporizer hippie pipe
pipe vaporizer hippie pipe

Expensive pipes can make you feel like they are better, but they won’t necessarily give you the flavor that you want. Cheap plastic pipe brands on the market today will improve the flavor of your weed just as well for less money in the long run because it won’t break when it falls to the floor or tips over in a bag unexpectedly.

The glass bowl is the part of the pipe that holds the weed. It’s the part you inhale from. The glass on a regular weed pipe comes in three different sizes and costs:


1.      The smallest size is called a sherlock.

It fits perfectly on top of a small 10mm male joint or bowl piece and can easily be replaced with any 10mm male herb bowl piece. You can get one for as little as $5 at your local head shop or marijuana dispensary, but they’re not always available in store either because most people prefer to buy pipes instead of just the components to make pipes out of at any given time.


2.      The medium size is a clove.

It usually fits perfectly on top of a normal size bowl piece or a 10mm female joint piece, and it can easily be replaced with any female herb bowl piece. It’s best to buy one online for less than $10 because it’s easier to find the right ones in person than you would think.


3.      3mm bowl

The most expensive glass component is called the 3mm bowl piece or joint stem, and it comes in both male and female options for both standard bowl pieces and 10mm male joint pieces.


There you have it! Do you know where to find the best pipes now? We wish you all success in your journey. Keep updated on our blog for more information about pipes!